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Hemlö - Homeless Foundation

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Hemlösas Kulturhus är en ny verksamhet som startat i centrala Stockholm där hemlösa kan engagera i med aktiviteter samt att få hjälp och stöd.
Kulturhuset, med tillhörande café, invigdes 2016 i Skanskas lokaler precis bredvid Hotel Sheraton vid Tegelbacken i Stockholm.

Onlinetidningen Stockholm Direkt skrev om händelsen:
Stans hemlösa har fått ett eget kulturhus mitt i city

I en utgåva av tidningen Equmenia från 2015 finns nu en artikel om Hemlö ledare Kavian Ferdowsi och hans arbete för hemlösa.

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Internationella Flagga


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Big international dance and music competition for the homeless!

It is important to know that everybody, homeless or not homeless, poor or not poor...everybody can participate in the competition.

The Homeless International Melody Festival is an initiative started by Hemlö in order to give attention to and to remind us about the homeless around the world. Artists will from now and to the 30th January be able to compete against each other to get their song chosen to become the homeless song of the year.

Anyone can join and everyone is welcome to support the homeless with their music. The contest is open for everyone, not just the homeless. Both the homeless and non-homeless can join.

Upcomming Homeless International Melody Festival 2017
(the dates are still uncertain and might change with short notice)

Audition (some day after jaunary 2017) 2 pm Immanuelskyrkan, Stockholm
Semi final (some day after january 2017) 4 pm Immanuelskyrkan, Stockholm
Final (some day after january 2017) 5.30 pm Immanuelskyrkan, Stockholm

Even the artists, both poor and normal, who normally has no chance of helping themself or others, even they can help others especially the homeless and poor with their arts.

A jury will elect 20 artists/teams based on the live auditions and the submitted music. The elected artists will then continue to the semi final.

The semi final will be held at (some day after january 2017) where the contestants will compete, be judged and culled out to 10 finalists.

During the final, 10 finalists will perform live at stage in Immanuel Church Stockholm .

The one artist/team that wins will get her song chose to become the homeless song of the year, and the best song in the world. The winner be be rewarded with a medal depicting the Homeless International Flag.



Apply for the festival 2017!



It is also possible to dance during the Homeless International Melody Festival. It can be a performance before the song, after the song or during the song itself. The dance also be judged by a jury, the same jury that judges the music in the main music festival. The dancer chooses freely if and how it will be preformed.

Each year we elect a dancer och dance group to be the yearly best dance performer in the world.

Single dancers are invited to dance with artists as for example background dancers, or perform themselves to live music, song or just partake in the competition by dancing. Dancers can, as the music artists, also be elected to continue to the semi final and the final.

Open Groups

We have different groups for the Homeless International Melody Festival. Imagine that there is someone that can sing but does not have and musical instruments or lacks the necessary qualifications, or maybe is an artist that only can play guitar, or maybe is homeless without the necessary qualifications. It is these persons that can be matched with bands/artists that are willing to keep their bands open; hence an Open Group.

Groups that report themselves open can accept contestants that otherwise would not able to compete as usual in the melody festival. Hemlö will also place some homeless people in these groups.


There are many ways to contribute so that the Homeless International Melody Festival can be as good as possible. Here are a few, but if you have anything else you are good at, contact us and tell us what you want to do!

  • Persons that can work with security: security guards at the front and back stage, night guards
  • Persons that can help rig up and rig down light and sound
  • Persons that can work with video: film, handle graphics and manage crane on dolly
  • Persons that can be hosts for the artists and manage the backstage area
  • Persons that can be production assistants: handle run schedule etc.
  • Persons that are available and can do important things as the show up, without any special previous knowledge

We also need someone that can take care of the electricity and that can work as free volunteers wherever needed.

Do you want to become program host / speaker during the melody festival? Are you a good speaker? Contact us! We need such a person.

As usual we also need IT volunteers that can help with web development or work as web editors.

There is a lot that you can do and help with if you are in the Stockholm area. Please contact us! +46 762 66 19 53,

Purpose and concept

Made by homeless and Hemlö are the founders of the idea about the Homeless International Melody Festival and the yearly homeless song of the world and the whole concept that yearly elects the worlds homeless song. No other organization or person or company or ... can take or steal this idea and use it in any way. No organisation or person or company is allowed to copy our idea or use it or take our idea and use it in any way.

Kavian Ferdowsi was himself homeless for many years in Sweden, but now he has created this international melody festival for the homelss.

The purpose with the concept Homeless International Melody and Dance Festival is to open the eyes of the society and the eyes of the world to give attention to the homeless and homeless problems. We want to honor the homeless and:

  • Gather money for the homeless
  • Collect support for the homless in various ways
  • Choose the yearly homeless song of the world and practically the best song in the world
  • Choose the best danceer or dance group in the world.
  • Support the worlds homeless through the festival and create a better future for the homeless and poor in many different ways
  • Developing a culture of art and music by the talents hearts to make real contact between peoples hearts.
  • Make a practical contact between homeless artists and those artists who are not homeless.
  • Exterminate homelessness in the world.

Our goals are simple. We want to find homeless people in the whole world that has any kind of talent or that just want to participate and so the homeless can find us.

Even the artists, both poor and normal, who normally has no chance of helping themself or others, even they can help others especially the homeless and poor with their arts. It is important to know that everybody, homeless or not homeless, poor or not poor...everybody can participate in the competition.

We imagine that artists can invite other artists and homeless into their music/dance group or look for homeless in their local enviroment and to invite them to this melody festival.

We imagine that artists can find homeless persons and sponsor them to come to the melody festival and show their talent. We think that the talents among the homeless, even if they are not the best in the world, are not smaller than the top notch artists in the world.

By these ways we are trying to help artists and all homeless in the world.

The contestants should not expect that Hemlö will put large sums at stake (millions of dollars) on music or the performers. This is the homeless and the poors melody festival. This festival could be out on street on in the park or any other place if we could not find any inside-premise; it is built on simplicity. It shall be and is for the homeless and with the homeless. Hemlö / is doing its best, but you should know that it is possible that it will not be the best.

Terms & conditions


The money that enters this project, and through all ways that the project and songs create money or in some way supports the melody festival, goes to the homeless through the trademark Made by homeless. All money that goes out from the project goes out from Made by homeless. Hemlö is the arranger of the melody festival through Made by homeless.

With all income to the Homeless International Melody Festival goes:

  • 75% to the homeless and poor in the shape of food, clothes, medicine, roof, housing... different projects in the world.
  • 20% of the income goes to the participant artists and the songwriters that has participated since the semi final.
  • 5% goes to Made by homeless and founder of the melody festival, Kavian Ferdowsi, via Made by Homeless.

The money goes to Made by homeless via Homeless Foundations bank account, which is Hemlö non-profit organization.

NOTE that all distribution of profit will only occur after all costs has been paid to e.g. sponsors and rent for premisses, which is mandatory for the organizer to pay. Only after those expenses shall the remaining money be distributed to the artists and the homeless.


Made by homeless and Hemlö will become owners of the music that competes in this melody festival. The songs that are played during the competition will be sold at a later occasion under the brand Made by homeless with the purpose to support the homeless. The ownership is a way to prevent exploitation of the homeless in promotional purposes. At the same time we want the artists to be encouraged and supported too, thats why Hemlö gives them 20% of the profit, but most of the profit goes to the homeless.

As founders of the Homeless International Melody Festival, Hemlö, Made by homeless and Kavian Ferdowsi have all the rights to this concept, Homeless International Melody Festival and the songs that is played and submitted to this festival, and they have the rights to choose the yearly homeless song of the world. The

The founders of this music festival will be owners of the copyright for all music in this music festival. By participating in this music festival you agree to waive any copyright on the music you will perform during this music festival. / / Made by Homeless (homeless people) will become owners of the copyright.

NOTE: Ifyou do not own (has the copyright) on the song you are going to play then you can also not surrender the copyright, that's OK. But if you own the song that you will play then the terms about copyright are still in effect.

Playback in the future

If the artists wants to play the music they have created somewhere else in the future, eg a concert, then an agreement is required between the artists and Hemlö; the artists have given away the copyright to Hemlö as a gift.

Music contribution as a gift

The contributions that the artists sends to or performs during the festival is considered to be a gift to the homeless. If the artists want to keep the copyrights to the contribution then we also don't call it a gift. Are you supposed to own that which you give away?

Even if you give away the ownership for the music you will receive various gift from the homeless. You get:

  1. Money. You get 20% of all profit from henceforth that the song generates.
  2. Popularity. You get famous in the society.
  3. The consequences. You harvest the benefits to be famous in the society.

Hemlö / / Homeless Foundation (( Homeless International Melody Festival )) thinks that these 3 gifts are enough for the participants that give their gifts to the melody festival. Hemlö does not deem it necessary that the participants also would get to keep the copyrights to their gifts.

Otherwise, it would not be morally just or fair if the participants gives a gift and at the same time wins with no end. You shall not use the homeless as a bridge to success. The homeless is not a bridge for the gift that you give.

The homeless international music group

In the homeless music group artists from around the world can participate and rehearse, play, get to know each other, be kind to another and maybe help another in different ways. The group and the rehearsals is a preparation for the melody festival, but it is 100% OK to come even for those that will not participate in the contest.

Images and video from the meetings

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